About Us

Glenys Harwood

Over the last 10 years, the edusearch website has become the most comprehensive source of information about education in New Zealand for students, parents and professionals right across the world.

Why we set up edusearch

Giving people trustworthy, up to date information is right at the heart of edusearch. Back in 2002, we set up the edusearch website because we wanted to help people. We recognised that education in New Zealand was becoming confusing and we wanted to make it easier for people to find what they needed. A decade later, there’s even more choice for people wanting to study in New Zealand, and our mission remains the same.

But it goes deeper than this. Our website is there to help people take control of their education, develop their skills and ultimately create the life that they want to lead.

What we do differently

Although we’ve now created the most comprehensive source of information about education in New Zealand, we wanted edusearch to be far more than just a listings site. That’s why members of the edusearch team actively manage the website. We have real people helping advertisers get the most from their listings. Advertisers get regular calls to check details are correct and we make any changes necessary to keep the information on edusearch as up to date as possible.

We also answer emails from students and parents across the world asking for more details about education in New Zealand. I remember working with a school in Japan and realising how different our school day was. Here at edusearch, we are happy to help people understand how education works in New Zealand, as well as help them learn more about our culture.

The people behind the website

edusearch is a small business based on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Originally developed by myself, Glenys Harwood, four people now work in the business, bringing together relevant and up to date information for people wanting to study in New Zealand.

I have always had a tremendous passion for using education to help people succeed. As well as being a qualified teacher, I’ve also worked as a deputy principal with responsibility for a range of initiatives affecting everything from financial management to professional development. And I’ve managed a number of projects across the Auckland region and at the New Zealand level, including one for developing international student links, and another bringing together online programmes for gifted students. So I understand the pressures on education providers, as well as the difficulties students and parents face when trying to navigate education in New Zealand.

With the help of my team, Cath, Troy, and the sales, marketing and tech teams, I hope to make it easier for students, education providers and other relevant organisations to connect with each other. By bringing people together, we can empower more people through education.

Signed Glenys and Team 2012