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Travel app for kids launches in New Zealand

author:Bound Round

Launched in Australia at the beginning of the year, Bound Round enables young travellers to gain valuable insight into destinations and empowers them to have a say in the travel planning process. It features video segments of kids experiencing the best kid-friendly locations around the globe, interactive blogging and suggested family itineraries to help ease the holiday planning process.

Bound Round Founder and CEO Janeece Keller says, “Bound Round’s objective is to be at the forefront of innovation for children’s travel experiences and education.

“In our app kids can whirl around the world with the swipe of a finger and learn about the variety of cultures and experiences that exist in an entertaining and engaging way. We also enable them to have a greater say in holiday destination experiences.”

The app features 70 city overview guides and 14 detailed destination guides available for travelling families, including: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Uluru, the Blue Mountains, Lake Macquarie, the Sunshine Coast, Phillip Island, Dubai, Fiji, Hong Kong and Singapore. The app also includes more than 200 kid-friendly attractions.

The latest destination to join Bound Round is the Sunshine Coast with Perth, Darwin, Cairns and New Zealand planned to go live before the end of November.

Bound Round is coming to New Zealand next month to film local attractions featuring local kids in Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch and Queenstown to add to its video content.

What Bound Round does: Engages, educates and empowers kids to have a greater say in their holiday experience. It helps them Explore, Plan and Share their travel destination. 
Explore – learn about the travel location and find out what great things they can do there (as reviewed by like-minded kids) through games, videos, photos and text

Plan – mark the locations they want to visit and find things to do that match their parents’ holiday plans
Share – use the inbuilt journal, passport and photo features to record and share their holiday experiences with friends and family
Result: Young travellers get a vote in family holidays and parents gain valuable insight into kid-friendly locations to visit. A better holiday for the whole family.

App Specifics
Bound Round is designed for 8-12 year olds to use before and during their holidays. 
Bound Round’s guiding principle is to deliver travel content “by kids for kids”. The app presents kids’ recommendations on what to do and where to go. All Bound Round content and technical developments are approved by the Bound Round Kids Board before release to ensure that they meet the demanding requirements of the ‘tween’ market.
“Bound Round puts the elements kids love most – videos, photos, games and interactivity – at the heart of the app. This is what Bound Round is all about; content that is specifically designed for kids thanks to the input of peer-reviewers,” Janeece says.
The Bound Round interactive travel app can be downloaded for free via WiFi and 3G through the iTunes App Store. It is also available online at

About Bound Round
Bound Round publish interactive travel adventure apps for children. Through videos, photos and games, kids uncover all the fun things to do while in a particular location and can also record and share their experiences. Bound Round guides are both entertaining and educational, and lead to more enjoyable and valuable travel experiences for kids and parents alike. Visit for further information.

 1 October 2014, 
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