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Active Adults Make Active Families

author:Get Kids Active

Active Adults Make Active Families


Be an active adult and reap the benefits - even from light and moderate effort activities.  This will help you in the following ways:

?                                Weight control

?                                More energy

?                                Less stress

?                                Reduced risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type II diabetes, colon and breast cancer

?                                Sleep better

?                                Better health


Did you know?

?                                That even light to moderate effort activity benefits and

?                                That you can add up your activity in 10 minute blocks and

?                                Active housework and yard chores count!

Scientists say that adults need to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve there health. Moderate intensity physical activities are equal in effort to a brisk walk - walking a kilometre in 12-15 minutes.

Read through the information below and tell us what group you believe you belong to:

Thinking About Being Active

?                                I would describe myself as inactive

?                                I want to be more active but am having trouble starting

?                                My activities are light effort (heart rate does not increase much, very little strain involved)

Trying Physical Activity on for Size

?                                I am active, but not regularly

?                                I might plan something active once a week

?                                I am having trouble being consistent and finding the time

?                                My activities are light to moderate effort

Growing the Active Habit

?                                I'm active for at least 30 minutes (accumulated time) at least 3 days a   week

?                                My activity is at a moderate or vigorous effort

?                                I've been active longer than 6 months and feel great about my healthy habit

?                                 Regular physical activity is a NEW habit for me

?                                 I'm fairly consistent, but I'm worried about losing my momentum


Active for Life

?                                I am active 4-7 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day (accumulated time) at a moderate (brisk walk, heavy yard work, speedy house cleaning) or vigorous effort

?                                I've been active longer than 6 months and feel great about my healthy habit