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Kristin students at the IncrediblEdge summit


Creative Networks for Kristin Students

In this age of social networking, relationships are becoming increasingly important. The old saying, ?it?s not what you know but who you know? is evident on a daily basis. More than just contacts and opportunities, networks are becoming more about collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Two groups of Kristin students ? K-Force Robotics and Forensics@Kristin - have recently experienced the power of creative networks when they were invited to participate in the recent IncrediblEdge summit in Auckland.

A celebration of creativity and innovation, IncrediblEdge brought together 150 individuals from 23 countries. The philosophy of the event is based on the observation that the most creative breakthroughs have been the product of a social environment in which thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists have stimulated and supported one another to reach new heights. IncrediblEdge was established to bring a brilliant and diverse group of people together from across the globe to encourage collaboration, innovation, bravery and development.

The only student representatives at the event, these two groups of Kristin students had the unique opportunity to demonstrate their work between sessions on the first day of the inaugural summit. It was a hands-on experience for the delegates as they took over the controls of the K-Force robots, built from scratch for the VEX Robotics World Champion tournament.

The scale of the event allowed the students to approach speakers between presentations, and come lunchtime the Kristin representatives were engaged in conversations with Can Yuksel, Lead Effects Artist for DreamWorks Animation, industrial design icon and futurist Ross Stevens, and international artist and film maker Nick Egan.

As well as being a headline speaker at the event, Nick Egan is also filming a documentary which follows and investigates the theories of Sir Ken Robinson, the internationally acclaimed creativity expert whose ideas have spurred a revolution in education and a radical re-examination of the entire education process.

After speaking with the Forensics and K-Force Robotics students at IncrediblEdge, Nick made adjustments to his schedule to visit the school a few days later. He wanted to understand more about the type of school environment which supports programmes such as these, and to speak further with the students involved to understand how the environment here at Kristin impacts on their attitudes and development.

During his tour of the school, Nick visited several classes, participated in class discussions and asked students about their work. An energetic and entertaining personality with a wealth of anecdotes and interesting ideas, Nick engaged with everyone from senior musicians to a class of Year 1 students. He met up with the students from IncrediblEdge in an interview over lunchtime and spoke with them about how they felt about school, their happiness and engagement with their learning, their hopes, dreams and ambitions. He took the time to speak with everyone, making sure that if students had to get to class, he met up with them afterwards to continue the conversation.

It was an honour for the school to host an artist of such calibre, and an opportunity enjoyed by the many students who engaged with Nick in their classrooms, interviews or simply in passing. Following his visit, Nick wrote on the Kristin School Facebook page, ?Thanks to a wonderful School [and] brilliant students?I left there a better person!?

For the 16 students who attended IncrediblEdge, the opportunity has already brought inspiration and motivation to their group. Their classmates have had the chance to engage with an international creative icon and the IncrediblEdge delegates have been inspired and entertained by the work of these Kristin students. Events such as this demonstrate the power of collaboration which will play a significant role in the future for these Kristin students as they continue to build their networks.

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