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New websites assist schools to respond to bullying and other challenging behaviour


Hekia Parata

21 June, 2012

New websites assist schools to respond to bullying and other challenging behaviour

Education Minister Hekia Parata has today launched two new websites which will assist schools to create safe and secure learning environments that deter bullying.

?To learn and achieve, students need to feel safe, secure and well supported in their learning. Difficult behaviour and bullying affects young people?s wellbeing, learning and achievement ? the bullied as well as those who bully,?? says Ms Parata.

?These new websites will be useful tools to help schools create a safe and secure environment for learners. Schools can remind themselves of good practice, reinforce what they're doing well and try things differently if they?re not working.?

The two new websites are Wellbeing@School ( and Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Online (

The Wellbeing@School website hosts student and staff surveys and self-review tools. Schools can make use of surveys from the website which will analyse their data and provide them with a confidential report of the findings. They can then use the report to come up with a plan to build on the things they are doing well and address the things that could be improved.

?After 6-12 months the Ministry of Education will aggregate all the data to see if there are any national trends that schools need support with,? Ms Parata says.

PB4LOnline provides practical ideas and tips for responding to challenging behaviour and for creating environments that encourage positive behaviour in children and young people.

The site provides information for educators from early childhood through to secondary school and brings together in one place, in a New Zealand context, the best evidence about behaviour, common practices and practical tips and tools.

Wellbeing@School and PB4LOnline are both initiatives supported by the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Action Plan. Positive Behaviour for Learning is funded by the Government and provides programmes and initiatives for parents, teachers and schools across the country to help develop safe and secure environments where positive behaviour and learning thrive. 2012