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The Floating Classroom Launch

author:Glenys Harwood

On Saturday we had the priviledge of being at the launching of the ?Floating Classroom?. Using the ?Nereides? a boat that was gifted to the children of New Zealand. Graham Johnson ?became the new owner and started the refit that would take 18 months. Graham, through the apprentice programme in his workshop and while working with these young men on Nereides realised the potential of teaching children on a floating classroom and made
Nereides available for that purpose.


Floating Classroom Academy is the product of
many years youth training by Chris Shirley
through NZ Outdoor Education (NZOE) and the
successes that he as a teacher and Sailing
Master achieved. Chris, the trustees of the Floating
Classroom Trust and Graham launched the Floating
Classroom Academy projectin October 2011 and
together with their collective friends worked very hard
to see this day realise!  


The Floating Classroom Academy (FCA) is emerging
as a leading training and education trust, with a
passion to train and educate the young people of
New Zealand. The very first step on the FCA agenda
will be to teach 10 to 12 year olds water safe and
day skipper programmes. It is about teaching
parents through their children that insist that safety jackets be worn,
not going out in bad weather,
having the correct communication
and safety equipment, etcetera.  FCA has a history of working with schools,
educators and professional maritime institutions and parents. 
In challenging and changing times for young people, the FCA will provide
education and adventure opportunities for students in a unique way.
Our approach is to deliver a practical demonstration
of theoretical concepts
taught in the classroom, by visualizing nature at work!

The product of learning is to produce aims to make a difference in the lives of 10 to 12 year old New Zealanders.

 Their skilled tutors and sailors have a passion for creative learning and bring high levels of focus and professionalism to the education of young people on our ships. We aim to entice our youth to foster a love for the ocean and nature. 2012