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First National Standards data sets baseline of learner achievement


Hekia Parata

21 September, 2012

First National Standards data sets baseline of learner achievement

Education Minister Hekia Parata says National Standards data reported for the first time has set a baseline of Years 1-8 learner achievement.

The data shows that 76 per cent reached or exceeded the national standard for reading, 72 per cent of learners for mathematics, and 68 per cent for writing.

?Of particular interest is the consistency of the achievement trends in writing, reading, mathematics by ethnicity and gender with other system ?health check? studies such as the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS).

?So although we are only in the early stages it is exciting that this first set of data is consistent with other international and national information, and that a significant number of children are reaching or exceeding the National Standard in each of the three areas.

?I want to acknowledge and thank parents, teachers, principals, boards for all that they do that makes this possible.?

However, there is also a concerning number of M?ori and Pasifika learners who are not meeting the standards. Boys are also over represented in not meeting the standard in reading and writing.

?The information gained from this first set of National Standards data is powerful for identifying and providing support for all learners.

?Up until now we?ve had to rely only on NCEA data ? at the end of compulsory schooling ? to provide us with a picture of our education system. National Standards data will now allow us to support all learners and target those who are behind much earlier and give them the help they need.

?We have a range of support in place to help learners including Reading Recovery, Reading Together and targeted programmes to accelerate progress in reading, writing and maths.??

Next Friday (September 28) schools? National Standards data will be published on the Ministry of Education?s Education Counts website ( which also includes Education Review Office reports and schools? annual reports.

A study released by the Ministry of Education yesterday shows that parents, families and wh?nau want independent and comprehensive information about their child?s school, and regular communication from the school. ERO has also released a new publication to help parents ask schools about how their child is doing.

?Our Government introduced National Standards to raise achievement, to identify children who are behind, to help parents help their children, and help schools to focus on what they need to do.

?Good quality data is absolutely essential if we are going to achieve a system wide lift and ensure all our learners leave school with the skills they need in a modern society.? 2012