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Eighty per cent of schools working well with Standards


Anne Tolley

17 August, 2010

Eighty per cent of schools working well with Standards

Education Minister Anne Tolley has welcomed a report from the Education Review Office which shows that eighty per cent of primary and intermediate schools are already making good progress with implementing National Standards.

"These findings reinforce what parents, principals and teachers have been telling me up and down the country," says Mrs Tolley

"The Standards have only been in place since February, but this report clearly shows that the vast majority of schools are working hard to implement them in a professional and positive way."

ERO's first national evaluation into the implementation of National Standards found that 19 per cent of schools were already well-prepared to implement the Standards, with a further 61 per cent of schools well under way.
"I would expect the figures to be even better now, given that many of the schools were evaluated towards the beginning of the first term when the Standards had only just been introduced," says Mrs Tolley.
"ERO's recommendations are also very helpful, and the Ministry will be following up with those schools still needing support to work constructively with the National Standards, to raise achievement for all students in reading, writing and maths.
"It's extremely encouraging that 75 per cent of schools have so far taken advantage of external support and we will ensure that tailored professional development continues to be available.

"I particularly welcome the report's case studies which highlight how individual schools have been preparing to work with the Standards. These will be extremely helpful to the schooling sector.

"This report is the first in a series to be published by ERO over the next three years, as we continue to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Standards to ensure we get this right for our children. Up to one in five of our students are being failed by the schooling system, and this Government is determined to give every single young New Zealander the opportunity to reach their potential."

The report can be viewed on the ERO website at: 2012