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Good progress on career pathways for students


Anne Tolley

7 September, 2011

Good progress on career pathways for students

Education Minister Anne Tolley says the development of new vocational pathways for senior secondary students is making good progress, as the Government improves the transition from education to employment.

The routes for NCEA level 1 and 2 students will provide young people with a clear map of the subjects they need to study, and qualifications needed, for their chosen career.

?At the moment too many students, who don?t want to enter tertiary education, are finding out too late that they haven?t gained the credits or studied the subjects which will lead them on to the career path they want to follow,? says Mrs Tolley.

?They are losing out on a rewarding career, and businesses are losing out on potential skilled staff.?

The Ministry of Education is working in partnership with Industry Training Organisations, business groups, schools and the tertiary sector to develop clear career routes for students, from 2012, in:

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Manufacture and Technology
  • Primary Industries
  • Service Industries, and
  • Social and Community Services

The vocational pathways will describe the learning, and the assessment standards, valued by broad sectors of industry. They will also include a career and study map, which will show young people potential occupations and future study options.

?This will provide a simpler and more coherent framework for students as they work towards their careers,? says Mrs Tolley.

?Some of our young people need a better sense of direction about what they can achieve on leaving school, and these career pathways will increase the possibilities open to them, while giving their school work relevance.

?This will encourage more students to stay in education and training, so they can achieve worthwhile qualifications.

?We will also be carrying out a full review of careers guidance to make sure it meets the needs of students, and that they are being given effective advice on courses, careers and tertiary study.? 2012