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Toolkit launched to support gender equity in the workplace

author:Tertiary Education Union

Gender equity in the workplace moved a step closer today with the launch of a new toolkit to tackle the problems holding back so many wāhine in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Produced by the Tertiary Education Union (TEU), the toolkit will help people question unconscious bias in their workplace, to raise awareness of the disparities around them, and to support people in negotiating changes to employment agreements that will help address the gender pay imbalance and improve workplace conditions for women [1].

The launch of the toolkit coincides with International Women’s Day and will be celebrated at events taking place today at tertiary education institutions around the country. While much of the toolkit is directed at the tertiary education sector, many of the resources available are easily adaptable for other sectors.

Cat Pausé, Vice-President of the Tertiary Education Union, said: “Gender inequity in the work place can have a devastating impact on women as they progress through their careers, especially women of colour and those with disabilities. This is seen most starkly in the gender pay imbalance, but also manifests itself in the low number of women represented at senior levels, a lack of voice in work place decisions, or employment conditions that implicitly discriminate against women.

“Overcoming these problems is only possible if we identify the factors that contribute to gender inequity in the workplace, and put in place practices and procedures to mitigate their potential effects. Our new toolkit is designed to do just this. It will support people to take bigger and bigger steps to achieve more flexible workplaces, better pay, and more opportunities for women.


“Women have never been in a stronger position to lead, change and shape the future of Aotearoa. However, we cannot think of our workplaces as modern until every woman has pay and conditions that fully reflects their skill and talent. Our toolkit will make a big contribution to achieving this and help people work together to bring about gender equity for all wāhine.”

1. A copy of the Gender Equity Toolkit is available here.


Tertiary Education Union March 2018 2012