Rainbow Springs

192 Fairy Springs Road

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Rainbow Springs

Whether you are walking through our many free flight aviaries, feeding the biggest wild trout you will ever see, watching the birds being fed or coming face to face with history in the eyes of a tuatara - all of us here at Rainbow Springs are proud of the role we play in conserving many of the precious native species of New Zealand.
We believe that a key part of this process is making it as much fun as possible to interact with our animals so that you will come to love them as much as we do.

Rainbow Springs has been open since 1932 and plays an important role in the tourism industry here in Rotorua.  Some curriculum based materials are available, along with activity sheets for children.

We have put so much energy into ensuring that our 22 acre park is beautiful with a friendly, fun atmosphere. We would love to meet you and introduce you to a few of the locals.

There is an onsite cafe, large childrens playground and included in your ticket price are a daily bird show and unlimited rides on the new Big Splash. 

The Big Splash is now open
The Big Splash is nine minutes of pure exhilaration, bringing to life dinosaurs, moa, the incredible Haast eagle and finishing with a spectacular splash-down. Take your seat and get ready to be thrilled.

Outdoor Kiwi Viewing - Get up close and personal
With no glass in our outdoor night aviary, and only a knee high fence separating you from these curious native birds, you can get closer to kiwi than you ever thought possible.

Kiwi Encounter
Upgrade your visit to include a 30 minute behind the scenes guided tour through Kiwi Encounter with one of our knowledgeable hosts. Tours depart regularly between 10am and 4pm and bookings are essential.

Bird Feeding
With more than 16 different breeds of native bird, early morning is a great time to watch them feed. Make sure you don't miss the chance to walk amongst the kaka as these native parrots dance and play while they feed.

Trout Feeding
In beautiful clear spring-fed water, our world-famous rainbow, brown and tiger trout have grown to astonishing sizes. You can feed them as you walk around the park, or watch them from our underwater viewing area.

For the last 65 million years the tuatara has been the only remaining species of an ancient order of reptiles that once shared the earth with the dinosaur. Don't miss the opportunity to come face to face with a living fossil.   2012