New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine

Greenlane, Auckland

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New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine

A truly Chinese programme; an authentic qualification in Chinese medicine

The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine is the first Chinese medicine college to be established in New Zealand by Chinese medicine practitioners who are actually from China and so it is the first to introduce the university programmes from China in New Zealand. This is also the first college in NZ to establish a Bachelor Degree in Chinese medicine. We are the largest school and offer authentic Chinese medicine knowledge.

Our Vision
The vision at New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine is to create a centre of excellence for Chinese Medicine training and treatment in New Zealand. NZCCM staff and students work towards that vision integrating Chinese medicine into the health care community, to benefit the health and wellbeing of all in New Zealand.

Our Location
The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine is based in Greenlane, Auckland. It has been offering training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 2003.

Consider a new career!
It is a good time to be starting a career in Chinese medicine and acupuncture! Chinese medicine is becoming very popular in western countries including New Zealand. You can find a clinic in most shopping centres. Most of our graduates set up their own successful practices soon after graduating. After three years study, graduates qualify as ACC Accredited Acupuncture Treatment Providers.

Become a respected health care practitioner
Chinese medicine has become accepted by many and acupuncture may become regulated in New Zealand. Government regulation will mean practitioners will be regarded more highly as professionals. You will be established as part of the primary health care system. Qualified practitioners will be able to work in public hospitals and clinics. The average income for practitioners will increase, and respect for the profession will rise.

Enjoy high quality training
The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine has been offering high quality training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture since 2003 in Greenlane, Auckland. Our tutors are a very special feature of our college. Many have received full training in China or overseas and are very gifted teachers.

Get a Bachelor Degree
We now offer a Bachelor of Health Science which is recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as well as internationally by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. You can graduate after three years with a Bachelor Health Science in Acupuncture or after four years with a BHSc in Chinese Medicine - which includes Chinese herbs as well as acupuncture.

About our programme
Prepare to have a fascinating time at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine! The corridors buzz with students of every age and nationality - Pakeha, Maori, Pacifica, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and German....  it is an international degree.
The study programme is a fascinating combination of theory and practical. You will apply theory from the wisdom of ancient Chinese sages as well as contemporary western medicine. You will learn the personal skills to become a good practitioner, and the practice of locating and needling acupuncture points. You will study the use of Chinese herbs. You will enjoy mixing with tutors and students of different cultures.

Clinical practice
Clinical practice is the cornerstone of the degree programmes at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine and students are expertly supervised as they learn to diagnose patients, and carry out acupuncture, herbal treatment, moxa and other therapies. The student clinics which treat public patients are an opportunity for students and teachers of the college to engage with the public and also to provide a service.

Open Days
The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine in Auckland offers regular Wellness Days on a weekend day where people are welcome to come and look at our programmes or experience an acupuncture treatment. We hope we will see you here, or you can ring any time to make an appointment to visit and find out all about our college. 2012