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Telford- a Division of Lincoln University

Welcome to Telford - a Division of Lincoln University

One of New Zealand's largest land-based vocational training providers in terms of landmass, yet smallest in terms of students' numbers, Telford offers you a unique training environment that cannot be matched anywhere else in the country. Students have access to 901 hectares of farmland, a 20 hectare campus with halls of residence, workshops, gymnasium, library and laboratory. To assist student learning, practical class numbers are small ensuring high tutor:student ratios which maximise learning opportunities. Additionally we offer extra support for literacy and numeracy. Successful completion of the course will reward you with a valuable qualification, to take into the workforce or onto further study.

Telford has a blended learning style of theory and applied ‘HANDS ON’ training, giving students capability through real world experiences. Our graduates can be found working all over New Zealand, and around the world, using the skills and knowledge they gained while studying at Telford.

Telford has a strong national industry reputation, having delivered quality graduates for many years in the fields of Agriculture (Sheep, Dairy, Deer and Beef), Equine, Rural Animal Technician, Forestry and Apiculture (Beekeeping) programmes. Employment outcomes for Telford graduates are exceptional, with many students securing full-time positions even before they graduate.

Where is Telford?  Situated   in the heart of South Otago only 5 minutes drive from Balclutha. South Otago is an outdoor playground, located on the perimeter of the ‘Catlins’ (local surf beaches and native forests) yet is in close proximity to Dunedin (a student city, home  to the Highlanders and Rebels) and within easy reach of Queenstown and Wanaka ski fields. 2012