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King's College 

King's College - 100% Commitment  

King's College is a world-class independent secondary school catering for both boarding and day students. King's was founded by Mr Graham Bruce in 1896 to provide "the best all-round education it is possible to obtain". Throughout the years, King's has evolved to embody the education of the whole person academically, culturally, physically, socially and spiritually. King's educates boys from Year 9 and girls from Year 12 in the co-educational senior school. The current school roll is 950 students. The College is located in a magnificent park-like setting situated within easy reach of the international airport. A modern cosmopolitan learning institution, King's is equipped with first-class facilities and integrates leading-edge technology.

The development of personal values and principles is vitally important. In the classroom, House and Chapel, on the field and stage, students are taught how to interact with each other and given the foundations on which character is built. Students are encouraged to grow towards adulthood with respect, integrity and honesty. They learn to exercise leadership, initiative and self-discipline, so that they leave with the necessary experience and skills for balanced future lives and careers. King’s is proud of its academic record and recent graduates can be found in the top universities around the globe including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale.

King's attracts and employs the best teaching staff it can identify in every subject area and the College has a strong focus on professional development. King's bases its academic structure on student rigour and delivery to ensure every student reaches his or her academic potential. A wide variety of artistic expression is also encouraged. The ability to think creatively and laterally is a key success factor in today's competitive environment. Whether it is Design, Photography, Fine Arts, Graphics or Media Studies which interests students the College provides courses of study that enable them to build careers out of their artistic pursuits.

King's College is steeped in a rich tradition of music, drama, oratory and debate. In music, the College encourages participation in its Chapel and School Choirs, Chamber Orchestra, School Orchestra and Concert and Jazz Bands. Sportsmanship, the art of competing strongly but fairly, is taught in the sports arena. Our students learn about competition and teamwork, discipline and initiative, and how to win and lose graciously. King's offers 27 choices in sport, and participation is compulsory for students up until Year 11. Supportive and effective pastoral care and tutoring
systems are available for all students within their House, where each student works and develops as a member of a closer community structure.

King's College - 100% commitment to ensuring every individual student becomes the best he or she can be!

For more information, contact Admissions Director: Mark Kennelly
Phone: (09) 276 0670 2012