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Pakuranga Campus 130 Pakuranga Road

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Saint Kentigern College

Saint Kentigern has a long and proud history of excellence in education. Originally established in 1953 to provide education for boys based on the precepts of the Presbyterian Church, the College in Pakuranga, followed six years later by and the Boys’ School in Remuera, quickly confirmed their place amongst the best independent schools in New Zealand.

The introduction of girls to the College campus in 2003 marked the start of a new era for Saint Kentigern and a new educational model. Saint Kentigern is one of only two schools in New Zealand which offers the very successful parallel education method of teaching and learning. In recognition that boys and girls have different learning needs during their formative years, parallel education sees our girls and boys taught in separate classes for all core subjects up until Year 11 when they enter a co-educational setting to prepare them for tertiary study and beyond. Ten years on and few can doubt the benefits of this structure in preparing our young men and women to become the very best they can be.

A Saint Kentigern education runs much deeper than the acquisition of curriculum specific knowledge. Throughout everything they undertake, our students are encouraged to offer support and leadership to their peers and the younger students who follow in their footsteps. Service takes many forms and does not always have to be about big issues; it can be acts of kindness, consideration and compassion in the classroom, in the playground, on the sports field or at home. These little acts of service encouraged at an early age build a foundation for moral reasoning later in life. One of the measures of success for all our boys and girls is the extent to which they have made a positive contribution to their school and the wider community. 2012