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New Zealand College of Massage

The Leader in massage therapy education

For over 20 years we have seen phenomenal growth in massage and the natural health industry in New Zealand and internationally. The College has led the way: the first college to be accredited to deliver NZQA massage standards, and the first to offer a three year degree programme with specialisation in both sports and neuromuscular therapy.

Twenty-seven years of training sit behind the reputation of NZCM for quality, both in delivery and graduate success. We are established as a niche provider with the Tertiary Education Commission and have achieved the highest level of audit cycle with NZQA. This external scrutiny, along with our established reputation, provides on-going assurance for students.

Our mission
The primary objective of New Zealand College of Massage is to provide the highest quality education in a range of bodywork therapies. Students are encouraged to develop their own intuitive qualities to accompany a scientific knowledge base.

Bachelor in Health Studies
This is the first degree in the Southern Hemisphere specialising in Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy, and provides a new benchmark for massage education aligning itself with international educational developments. It offers the best in human biological theories and cutting edge research.

Restricted to an intake of 24 students per year. NZQA Level 7, 3 years full time or longer if part time.

Diploma in Health Sciences (Reflexology)
This course provides the essential knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Reflexology.

NZQA Level 6, 18 months full time

Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage)
Therapeutic massage is an exciting and fast growing health modality, nationally and internationally. This qualification provides practitioners with the ability to assess dysfunction in the soft tissues of the body and to apply techniques for change.

NZQA Level 6, 18 months full time

Diploma in Health Sciences (Massage & Sports Therapy)
This 2 year Diploma programme, available in Auckland, incorporates the first 18 months of Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage) then continues for a further six months of specialisation in the application of sport and active client specific information.

Certificate in Relaxation Massage 
Relaxation massage brings about a general sense of unwinding in the body and reduces muscle tension. It assists general health and immune function and reduces the effects of stress, anxiety and trauma. NZQA Level 4, 22 weeks full time or part time over 2 years.

Information evening
The New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland and Wellington offer regular information evenings on a week day where people are welcome to come, gather detailed information about our courses and have a conversation with the teachers. We hope we will see you here to find out all about our college. 7pm, 19 January, 8 June, 13 July, 5 October, 9 November 2011.

Student clinic
The college is proud of the Student Clinics which offer affordable massage to the public, while giving students valuable experience. The college endeavour to meet clients' needs, while at the same time providing relevant clinical experience for students. The type of massage clients receive will vary depending on the stage of training of the student.

International Students
International students are welcome. Student Assistance and accommodation referral service provided for international students.

From 24th January 2011, the Auckland Campus address will be:
Building C
382 - 386 Manukau Road
Auckland 1023

Wellington Campus
Level 9, 76 Manners Street
Wellington City 2012