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New Zealand Institute of Studies

155 Queen St, Auckland Centre, New Zealand

Our School
New Zealand Institute of Studies is one of the top-level learning centres registered with New Zealand Qualification Authority and the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Situated in the heart of Auckland, within walking distance of many tourist attractions and educational facilities, NZIoS offers many amenities such as: a library and learning centre, free WiFi, more than 100 computers, activities and office facilities.  

‚ÄčWhy choose our programs
NZIoS is committed to professional education and training and has excellent connections with corporations and professional associations. Our major courses are in business (NZ Diploma of Business) and English courses at six different levels including IELTS. NZIOS offer exciting after school and weekend activities, English Conversation Club, school trips and social meetings.


  • General English ESOL (G1, G2, G3, Advanced)
  • Cambridge FCE
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Business English / English for Global Communication
  • NCEA University Preparation Course (Level 3)
  • NCEA UE  Literacy (Level 2)
  • NZCEL Certificate in English Language (Level 3 and 4)
  • TESL
  • NZIM Diploma in Management (Level 5 and 6)
  • NZDB Diploma in Business (Level 6)
  • Diploma in Business (Advanced) (Sustainability, Productivity) (Level 7)


Alain from Peru - It was amazing to take English courses and meet people from different countries. I really want to thank to my teachers – Joanne and Sheri, I have learned a lot from them! And I also want to thank to my awesome classmates! If you want to live an amazing experience studying at NZIOS, GUYS, don’t hesitate!!Come and enjoy learning with the staff and all the students. Study hard and obviously enjoy travelling around NZ… Like ME!! J

Alexandra from Russia - “I had a great time here!! My teachers taught me a lot and I really improved my English in the IELTS preparation and Advanced classes. I met many awesome people and I will continue to catch up with them! All of my teachers (Nick, Joanna and Sheri) helped me a lot and it is really emotional to say goodbye! I really had fun during our activities and I am happy to see that now more are organized. I would like to tell to all other students to enjoy their time here and take the great opportunity to study English. Auckland is a great multicultural city – enjoy every possible day here, even if it is not always easy!”

Max from Korea - “It was a very good time and I met new international friends. I improved my speaking in English thanks to all my classmates and our teacher Sheri! Everything at NZIOS is perfect! Thank you guys and let’s meet for a drink to practice our English, I will be there J)))))”

Saori from Japan“I really enjoyed my studies here and I improved my English skills. I want to say big thanks to my teachers and my classmates!. My message to the other students is to study hard!”

Luiz from Brazil - “From the very first time I came at NZIOS all the staff assisted me and helped me. Everyone is very helpful about any doubts inside and outside the school. I have met students from all over the world and everyone wanted to exchange some experience. For me this was a great personal experience and development, because I met very good friends. Also the relationship between students and teachers is very good. I would really like to thank to all the teachers and especially to all the friends I met here, also I want to thank for all the assistance from the marketing staff! My message to the students is: No matter who you are, no matter where you are going in your life just find your place/environment and have fun!”

Ahmed from Saudi Arabia - “I had an amazing time at NZIOS, I had wonderful times with you guys , I made a lot of friends at the NZIOS , also I like the relationship between the teachers and the student . First I want to thank to Paola, she was the first person I met her at the school and helped me in a lot of things. Second thank is to my teachers to help me to improve my English, finally I would like to say “thank you, Jennifer” for helping me to pass my test and I want say to her “thanks for your time”. It's hard for me to say goodbye , and have message for you guys, the English language it's not so hard thing, you just have to improve your language by yourself like watching T.V at home for few minutes every day and study 2 hours at home every day because study in the school not everything , also Do not speak your language actually in class. Finally I would like to say thank you to all students, I really had lovely time with you guys. “

Filippo from Italy - “NZIOS gave me a great possibility to improve my English knowledge and fix my grammar. There is a lot of speaking in class and our teacher Sheri is always correcting us. Also the size of the class is very reasonable and you can easily follow up. The school is really good and provides a very good preparation. I would like to thank to Paola for the possibility to study here, to my teacher Sheri and to all the girls at the reception, they are always very friendly and helpful. My message to the students is that I am really pleased to meet them and everyone is welcome to Italy! J”

Special Offers
4 weeks for free when enrolled on a 12 weeks program! No enrolment fee!
Free conversation classes and much more! Contact us for more information.

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