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The "Professional Freelance Journalism" Course

The "Professional Freelance Journalism" Course is conducted by correspondence over 12 or 24 weeks and upon completion, you are awarded with your Diploma in Freelance Journalism.

The Course is entirely self-paced. You complete the Course in your own time without any pressure of deadlines. 

The Course is designed to assist you to have your work published as quickly as possible. From the first assignment you are developing your own story ideas, editing them from first draft through to finished copy, and submitting them to newspapers and magazines.

The Course is not only structured to teach you the techniques of freelance journalism. It's also intended to get you published and paid for your efforts. Stated simply, you'll know how to write and sell a vast range of subject matter to the thousands of newspapers and magazines that buy freelance material.

The Course is also designed as a structured training program and assists many students within their existing professional career. 

What the Course will cover:

Please request a Free Prospectus for a complete list of topics covered by the Course. In the interim we can advise we concentrate on the most common and therefore, for the freelancer, the most lucrative form of writing - the article.

The Course looks at particular areas of writing such as:

  •  General feature articles
  • Health and fitness writing
  • Human interest articles
  • How-To articles and regular columns
  • Travel and adventure articles
  • Entertainment features
  • Sports articles
  • Personal experience
  • Fashion writing
  • IT and computer magazines
  • How to write for the internet
  • Motoring magazines
  • Writing for niche markets

All freelance journalists, regardless of their specialisation require certain key skills and knowledge and these areas form the backbone of our Course content. This includes how to structure your writing into saleable articles, how to pitch ideas to editors, how to establish and maintain client relationships, how to conduct interviews, negotiating fees, copyright and much more.

By the time you complete this Course, you will have an intimate knowledge of all aspects of freelance journalism. This goes far beyond simply putting words on paper. It also means developing your story ideas through to the important business side of marketing your professional skills and being paid for your efforts.

What's more, you'll be learning about the industry from the inside, benefiting from the accumulated knowledge of many of today's most successful freelance writers, journalists and editors. Remember, like yourself, every one of these media professionals was once a complete beginner. At the end of your Course, you will have acquired a level of skill where you can take on any freelance assignment you choose.

Start Date:

Details of the next Course starting date will be provided along with your Free Course Prospectus. As our tutors are working professionals Courses are scheduled depending on their workload and availability.

To request a Free Prospectus please visit our website (please type EDUSearch in the comments section of the Prospectus request form so we know where you heard about the Course).


This Course is conducted via distance learning and can be completed from any location in the world.

About the Academy

The Morris Journalism Academy is a subsidiary of Australian News & Feature Service PTY Ltd.

Our directors and principals have been involved in all aspects of media work for some 30 years.

We are an international media-training company with students in more than 80 countries and territories.

The principles of freelance journalism are similar the world over. However our Course has been individually revised and designed to suit the needs of students living and working in Australia and New Zealand.

The "Professional Freelance Journalism" Course is a world's first in journalism training, distance education and on-line delivery.

It would be fair to say you are enrolling in the most up-to-date and informative freelance journalism course available in the world today.

Through on-line course delivery and instant e-mail communication, the College is able to assist you every step of the way.

The "Professional Freelance Journalism" Course is designed as a structured training program.


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